[5 Ways] to Extend the Life of Air Conditioner

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Proper care of your air conditioning unit will prevent any operational issues. The last thing you want to happen is calling an AC repair Tampa, Florida to get your unit serviced. It’s understandable that every AC unit will have its own life expectancy. And although our AC units will soon reach its end of service, there are some simple ways that will extend its lifespan.

Air conditioning is a very vital component of our household. It brings comfort which is one good reason to keep it in top shape. If you practice regular maintenance, you can actually extend its life for up to 15 years. Here are some the steps you can take:

1. Clean your unit

Make it part of your regular cleaning schedule to wash the filters, outdoor unit, and air ducts. All these parts can get pretty soiled over a month. If you let the dirt sitting, your AC unit will work harder to get cool air out of its system. The more wear and tear it experiences, the shorter its lifespan becomes. Cleaning should be on a regular basis.

2. Invest in professional tune-ups

Hiring an air conditioning service Tampa, FL for professional tune-ups is an excellent investment. Instead of resorting to guesswork, the professionals know what to check and what to do in case of damages. Like cars, AC units also need to be fine-tuned to work properly. It’s best to avail a tune-up during spring, right before the summer season kicks in where the AC will likely bear the brunt of continuous use.

3. Give it a break

Keeping your AC unit running the whole day subjects it to intense wear and tear. Like humans, it also needs to sleep and get some rest. Take note that AC units can also overheat and give off. When that happens, you’ll need to hire an AC repair Tampa, Florida. Aside from this hassle, failing to shut the AC off will impact its lifespan. Letting the unit rest for a couple of hours a day is a good way to save from energy bills and to keep it functional for long.

4. Always be on the preventive side

Don’t wait for the damages to take its toll before you tap the help of an air conditioning service Tampa, FL. Being on the preventive side won’t just spare you from the hassle; it will also retain the good condition of your AC unit. Preventive maintenance can actually save you 20% from energy bills.

5. Improve air circulation

Check if the areas around the vents are not blocked. Improving the air circulation inside your home will do your AC unit a big favor. You can use a programmable thermostat to control the air flow coming from the unit. This will prevent the appliance from overworking, especially during hotter seasons.

An AC repair Tampa, Florida won’t just keep your air conditioning unit running. It will keep your appliance in top shape for the years to come. A little disturbance today due to preventive measures will go a long way.

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