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AC Dangers: 3 Major Things to Watch out For

AC Dangers: 3 Major Things to Watch out For

Most people are aware of the basics and how to avoid emergency AC repair Tampa. But some things can happen which spell more trouble than most ‘routine’ problems. Below are some of the things you need to be vigilant about.

Water leaking from your AC

If you see a pool of water or a significant amount that is obviously due to more than a little condensation, it may be you have quite a serious problem with your system – and this could lead to extensive damage. There are a number of things that could be at fault such as clogged or disconnected lines, a pump problem, a cracked piece of equipment, even a clogged air filter. Whatever is causing it could turn out to be serious and needs to be remedied straight away, so call your 24 hour AC repair Tampa without delay.

Bad weather and excess rain

Another water-related problem is the potential outside one: inclement weather causing a lot of rainfall in a short space of time. Don’t forget about the equipment outside the house, and that at times, even though it is made to withstand normal amounts of rainfall, it may need a temporary cover to help protect it against the worst deluges.

During a storm or prolonged heavy downpour, the outside mounted AC unit may need covering for the duration. A tarpaulin cover will do a good job of stopping excess water getting in and potentially ruining any parts of the compressor system. Don’t forget to remove it afterward, as you don’t want to impede the system in any way when things get back to normal.

Power Outages

They are certainly an inconvenience, but could easily turn into a dangerous one – it’s all a matter of perspective! There could be nothing worse than a lack of power to run your AC when you need it most, which is why so many people invest in a backup generator. Storms can knock out power supplies quite easily, but with your own generator to keep your AC functioning, it could prove to be one of the best investments you make.

There are of course other dangers but we wanted to make you aware of three of the most important ones. If you’d like some more free advice on other vital aspects of HVAC Tampa that are important to look out for, contact Fairway without obligation today.


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