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How to Make Small Changes to Save Big!

How to Make Small Changes to Save Big!

Often overlooked, there are many small things you can do which can contribute a lot to making your HVAC Tampa more efficient – and which will help reduce your energy bills. When we’ve advised our customers on how small changes can make a big difference, they are often surprised a year later by how much they’ve actually saved.

So, with the aim of making your hard-earned AC system more efficient – and less costly to run – here are our top “change small, save big” tips:

Keep a close eye on your system

By being vigilant and noting small changes or potential inefficiencies (don’t forget to call Tampa AC companies for free advice when you need to), you’ll be ‘in tune’ with your system and will practically be able to spot faults before they occur.

Look into programmable thermostats

These can save hundreds of dollars a year by automatically altering the temperature according to your daily movements to and from home (do you need rooms to be cooled when you’re out?) – a highly efficient way of controlling your energy consumption.

Upgrade your insulation

Additional or enhanced insulation to windows and doors particularly can greatly improve the efficiency of your AC system. And it will have the added bonus of making your rooms quieter and more up to date. One area often neglected that easily lets warm air in and cool air out is the attic – pay particular attention to this.

Ensure proper seals between the inside and the outside

Similar to the insulation above, it’s clear that any external door or opening to the outside, if not properly looked at, can have the effect of letting warm air in and letting air-cooled air out. It might be worth spending a little extra at these points.

Use the fans in your bathrooms and kitchen

If they’re fitted, make sure the extractor fans in bathrooms and kitchens are on and working properly. The added humidity and excess water in these rooms will work against your AC, and only make it work harder than it needs to – adding to your bills.

Like many things, it’s often the small changes that can make a big difference and they’ll also help avoid too many calls to emergency AC repair Tampa into the bargain. As always, don’t hesitate to call Fairway on any aspect of AC.


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