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Tips and Tricks for Improving Indoor Air Quality

Tips and Tricks for Improving Indoor Air Quality

Improving Indoor Air Quality

There isn’t just one simple way to instantly improve air quality in your home or office – we wish it were that simple! There’s a whole host of things that can all make a difference, and combined, they can vastly improve the quality of air that you and your family are breathing in.

First port of call – air filters
Replacing air filters regularly is probably the single most effective way of improving indoor air quality. A dirty or clogged air filter not only puts a strain on your HVAC Tampa system, but it also continues to add to the pollutants being recycled through your home.

Air ducts should remain clean and debris free
Ducts are the main conduits for delivering your conditioned air into your rooms. So it’s easy to see that any number of things, from insects to mold, will have an adverse effect on air quality. They don’t need cleaning that often, but if it’s a while since yours were looked at, it’s probably worth a call to your Tampa air conditioning service to see how much they are contributing to poor air quality.,

Bringing the outside in…
Air quality outdoors is generally very good as there are a number of naturally occurring things to remove pollutants and filter the air. Whilst you can’t bring the sun indoors, a number of plants indoors can help improve quality in much the same way they do outdoors. Plants such as ferns, ivy and Spider plants make ideal, easy to manage indoor additions, and will do an excellent job at assisting in air filtration.

Check for Carbon Monoxide (CO)
This potentially lethal gas is odorless and colorless and can only really be detected with CO detectors. All gas and oil-burning appliances give off some CO so it’s vitally important that you have adequate ventilation and detectors to pre-warn you of a build-up of the poisonous gas.

For a FREE CO check, or indeed any advice on ventilation and improving air quality, call Fairway, yourbest AC company in Tampa, for a FREE no-obligation appraisal today.


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