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What to Do When Your Air Conditioning Stops Working?

What to Do When Your Air Conditioning Stops Working?

The worst thing during a debilitating summer afternoon is an air-conditioning unit that stopped working. Aside from the discomfort, it will also bring expenses and hassle as you seek an AC service Tampa, FL. There are various reasons why your AC bogs down. Here are the usual scenarios:

Electrical issues. When a breaker trips, it will turn the AC off. It may also cause electrical damages to the unit.

Insufficient airflow. Is your AC on but not producing cold air? There’s a possibility that there are holes on its pipes where the cold air leaks. This has to be sealed to fix the problem.

Faulty condenser unit. When the outside condenser isn’t kept well, the AC unit will start malfunctioning, worse, it will stop working. Grass and outdoor dirt could be blocking the unit.

Thermostat Issues. One telltale sign of an AC unit problem is a blank display. The battery might be out of power and won’t function normally.

The mentioned causes may or may not be the condition of your AC unit. You don’t have to panic. Some AC service Tampa contractors may take time to arrive, and for you to mitigate the heat, here are some of the hacks you can perform.


If you notice that your AC unit is taking a long time to cool up one room than most house areas, the vents might be clogged with dirt. Your kid might have stuck clay or other tiny materials which blocks the cold air from coming out. The quick fix here is to unscrew the vents and wipe it clean.


There are times when your AC is blowing air but not as cool as it should be. This happens when the unit is running for long and the evaporator coil starts to freeze. Remove the filter and check if there’s an icy build up. If so, set the unit to fan mode and allow the ice to thaw. Make sure that the surrounding parts of the coil are dust-free.


Sometimes your AC is functioning well, but your filter is too dirty to let the cool air pass through. Remove it and hold it up to the sun’s direction. If the light isn’t passing through, it’s time for cleaning. It’s way faster to fix if you have a disposal filter which you can simply attach. But in any case, manual washing with water should do the trick. Make sure that it’s bone dry before putting back to the AC unit. If you’re in doubt, waiting for the AAC repair Tampa, Florida is always an option.


If you’ve tried all these indoor solutions and the AC is still not working, the outside vents might be the problem. Shut off the circuit breaker for the outdoor unit first before spraying the vent with water. If you’re worried about damaging the unit, use a bristled brush to remove the dirt and grime. In case this solution still didn’t work, seeking the help of an air conditioning installation Tampa would be advisable.


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