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Why You Should Look After Your AC Filter

Why You Should Look After Your AC Filter

It's common knowledge that air conditioning units have filters, but it's not so well known why this crucial piece of equipment is so important. Here's the low down on filters and why they should be looked after.


The filter is basically a simple fiber mesh that is placed in the part of the system that has the air return. Here, all air that flows into the air conditioner passes through the filter first, protecting the unit from both contaminants and dust. It is very efficient at doing this but does not have any way of getting rid of these on its own – this is why filters need cleaning and changing regularly. It's very important that your filter doesn't end up clogged, as the efficiency of the system can be drastically impaired. This, in turn, limits the effectiveness of the AC unit as a whole, and ultimately, does a poor job at maintaining comfort levels in your home. A new or at least a clean filter is therefore vital to allow your AC unit the ability to perform at its optimum.


Your filter should be changed about every three months to help your system to run at its most efficient. Changing it less frequently can lead to a greater build-up of particulates and allergens which may lead to more maintenance costs, higher running costs – or both!


It's a fairly simple process and one of the few things that don't always require air conditioning companies in Tampa Florida to attend to. But if you are doing this on your own and can locate the filter, make sure you remove and replace the filter cover correctly and also that you slide in the new filter the correct way. Always consult your Tampa air conditioning service company should you have any difficulty or require assistance. So, keep in mind the importance of this simple yet vital piece of equipment. And don't neglect its routine maintenance or replacement – this will pay dividends over the months and years of using your system.

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