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Signs Your HVAC is On The Way Out

Signs Your HVAC is On The Way Out

Your HVAC system will demand a few check-ups and repairs once in a while. However, it is bound to fail entirely at some point. You are probably too occupied dividing your attention to other duties ignoring the warning signs of your failing HVAC system. Many times, homeowners are faced with an anticipated budget for purchasing a new HVAC system because they didn’t notice their defective systems. This piece will focus on educating about the red flags in HVAC systems that tell you it is about time.


The average lifespan of an excellently maintained HVAC system lies between 15 to 20 years. It is evident that within 15 years, the machine parts would be too worn out and obsolete to continue handling the job. Once your machine hits fifteen years of running, you need to start paying attention to any abnormalities such as odd smells and sounds. Call in an HVAC technician to help you estimate how long your furnace will last in order to start budgeting for a new system.

Bizarre noises

HVAC systems make some normal sounds when running. If yours doesn’t, it’s probably because it’s a new model or installed somewhere in your house where you can’t hear it. Nonetheless, not all sounds are natural. If you start hearing rattling, hissing, squeaking and popping sounds, it may indicate that your HVAC system has a problem. Probably some parts of the machine are failing or falling apart. Once its fixed and falls back to the same behavior after a short period, you may want to start looking for a new unit.

Cold air or uneven air distribution

A properly running HVAC system ensures that your home or building receives an even distribution of air temperature. If the system isn’t heating your home sufficiently, that could be a warning sign of imminent HVAC system failure. Mostly, this is a sign of a failing motor in the blower fan. In some cases, a technician will replace the malfunctioning parts, but if the problem persists, you are looking at a dying HVAC system.

Drastic shoots in your heating bill

Of course, using an HVAC system will incur part of the electric bill. A new HVAC system uses energy efficiently since all parts run smoothly. Once your electricity bills start to spike because of your furnace, your unit may be on its last leg. If your heater has to use more energy to heat your home sufficiently, unlike before, this is a red flag. You could consider calling in a Fairway Heating & Cooling technician to ascertain if your HVAC system is responsible for the escalated electricity bills.

More frequent repairs

Just like any other appliances, if your HVAC system begins to demand more repairs and replacements than usual, it doesn’t have much time. At times, the best economic decision at this point would be to buy a brand-new HVAC system that is more energy efficient. The costs incurred during constant repairs and replacements would be utilized better in buying a new system.

Bad smell

Bad smells emanating from HVAC units are a sure sign that there is a malfunction in your unit. Air coming from the system should be crisp and clean. Some smells can be toxic; hence the need to be very vigilant with any funky smells that may originate from the HVAC system. Asides from musty smell, it could be a smell from something that’s overheating in your system. Either way, all strange odors are a sign of a malfunction. Calling in your technician should help you gauge how long you have left with a unit.

More dust

Dust will always be present in a home no matter how frequent you dust off your furniture and house. You might start noticing an abnormal accumulation of dust in huge amounts originating from your furnace when the unit kicks on. This is a clear signal that your HVAC system is ready to give up running. Once an HVAC system starts to grow obsolete and old, it begins having a hard time filtering dust in the air. Despite changing the filters every three months, the unit will fail at this task if it is about to lay its tools down wholly.

Constant check-ups and servicing may prolong the lifespan of your HVAC system. You will have to bring in a professional technician to help you handle the malfunctions in your unit. Contact us at Fairway Heating & Cooling for all your HVAC system needs, be it repairs, maintenance services or new installations.


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