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How to Protect Your HVAC System During a Storm

How to Protect Your HVAC System During a Storm

Do you know how to handle your HVAC system during the next major tropical storm or hurricane that comes barreling along? That old adage of “better safe than sorry” definitely holds true for anyone living along the coast. Bad weather is an inescapable part of life in these parts, so if you want to be prepared for the worst, read on for some crucial pointers on safeguarding your own HVAC system during the next big storm. You never know when this information could save a life.

Power Down

If you look out the front door to find water creeping up into your driveway and approaching the house, this would be the best time to power down your HVAC system on your thermostat. A humid house is not comfortable for anyone, but doing this will save your electric system. Should your home begin to flood, then you will want to shut the breaker box down. This safeguards you against any shorting fuses and ensures the safety of you and your loved ones as the water starts to rise.

Secure the Unit

If you have a packaged rooftop unit, secure it with hurricane straps. If it’s ground level, place a heavy canvas tarp over it to shield it from flying debris. Be sure to remove the tarp before turning the system on.

Bring Outdoor Furniture Inside

Removing all freestanding outdoor furniture or equipment and placing it either inside of the house or in a lockable shed is very smart when it comes to protecting your outside HVAC unit. Any of these items could quickly turn into a flying projectile in strong winds. The last thing anyone wants is for their grill to come crashing through a window! Equally sad and frustrating would be the demise of your very own outdoor HVAC unit.

Prevent Lightning Damage

Anytime there is lightning present, there is a risk of damage being done to your HVAC electronic components. When the lightning is especially severe, you will want to power down your air conditioner to avoid this. While a surge protector can be helpful in protecting your HVAC motors, it is safer to just shut the unit off until the worst of the lightning has passed. Be wary of mother nature’s power, and act accordingly!

Contact an HVAC Professional

After the storm has passed, have a professional HVAC technician inspect the unit for damage. A technician will determine if it is safe to operate or if repairs are required. Fairway Heating & Cooling offers same-day emergency AC services. To schedule an appointment, call (813) 519-6620.


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