[How to Save Money] on Air Conditioning in Tampa

Save Money on Air Conditioning in Tampa

Florida can always count on sweltering summer days. In line with this is the spike of energy bills and needed repairs as the HVAC equipment bears the brunt of daily use. Not all households and businesses can shoulder this increase on their expenses. Air conditioning maintenance in Tampa can help together with some hacks to cut the rising energy bills.

You can perform the following tips on your own or seek the help of an AC service in Tampa, FL.

1. Use a smart thermometer

Think about it, how often do you leave your house with the AC running? Such habit causes your energy bills to pile up and your equipment to experience unnecessary wear and tear. By installing a smart thermometer, you can schedule your equipment to function only on specific hours. There are also machine learning thermometers that can pick up your daily routines in terms of AC use.

2. Insulate

Without proper insulation, the cool air escapes your home and the hot air enters. This puts your AC under a lot of strain to compensate with the rising temperature. There’s no need to state what your energy bill will look like. Ask an AAC repair in Tampa, Florida or an AC service in Tampa, FL to do this for you. They will install weatherstripping to prevent cool air from leaking outside of your property.

3. Use fans instead

Air conditioning maintenance in Tampa can break your bank if you don’t let your equipment rest. Instead of running it 24/7, turn it off once you achieve a cool temperature and use fans instead. Also, some areas of your house like the kitchen and bathroom don’t have to be air-conditioned. You can bring a small fan with you if you are to stay a little while on these spots.

4. Have your AC serviced

You have to maintain your AC through regular cleaning and servicing. Hire an AC service in Tampa, FL to have the filters cleaned and the equipment checked for damages. According to the Energy Department, up to 30% of the cool air is lost due to leaks. With this, your equipment will have to compensate to keep up with your set temperature.

5. Install solar screens

Solar screens will block solar energy which is the number one cause of increased temperature. About 70% of solar energy can be blocked using this. It’s important to install these on windows facing the east and west sides – the spots that bask directly under the sun. Usually, an AAC repair in Tampa, Florida can provide this service.

6. Use a dehumidifier

Excess humidity forces your AC unit to chug more cold air to defeat the heat. But with a dehumidifier working hand in hand, the AC equipment will have an easier time maintaining the cool temperature inside the property. This reduces the wear and tear that will require immediate repairs.

Air conditioning maintenance in Tampa is at peak during the summer season. But before the need arises, it’s always best to be ready to reduce the hassle and discomfort the scorching days.

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