[Need To Know]: Air Conditioning Maintenance Checklist

Need To Know: Air Conditioning Maintenance Checklist

Tampa Florida gets incredibly hot and having a working air conditioning system is vital. That’s why it’s so important to take annual maintenance seriously. If maintenance is neglected your unit is likely to malfunction sooner or to suffer issues that require repair, which will leave you without a viable cooling solution for days in many cases.

Below we put together a list of the most important steps for air conditioning maintenance in Tampa. If you choose to hire an air conditioning service in Tampa FL you won’t need to perform these steps yourself, but some people prefer to handle all their maintenance themselves. Either way, it’s a good idea to get familiar with standard maintenance practices so you know what should be done to your air conditioning system to keep it running properly year after year.

The Maintenance Checklist

Below are the main steps that need to be performed regularly during standard air conditioning maintenance in Tampa. Follow this checklist and perform each of the different steps to make sure that your unit continues running as it should over time.

  1. Clean out the condenser coil, to help maintain proper refrigerant pressure levels.
  2. Verify that the refrigerant charge is at the proper levels to avoid increased operating costs.
  3. Clean off all the relays and contactors to keep the motor operating properly.
  4. Inspect and test all of the different safeties and controls of your unit to verify they are functioning properly.
  5. Look at the unit wiring and tighten any loose connections to avoid issues with the motor, compressor or control system.
  6. Test the unit disconnect to verify it is working properly.
  7. Lubricate the motor and bearings of your system to keep them functioning smoothly.
  8. Inspect the condensate drain and clear away any possible blockages that may be present.
  9. Replace or clean out the air filter regularly.
  10. Test the thermostat for function and calibrate it properly.
  11. Clean and inspect the motor.
  12. Verify the amp and voltage of the blower motor, condenser fan motor and compressor.

Working with a Professional

If all this maintenance work sounds like too much effort to you, or you just aren’t sure that you’ll be able to go through and do all the tasks yourself, it’s probably best to hire a professional to handle your air conditioning maintenance in Tampa.

There are experts that perform maintenance on a daily basis, and these pros understand how to handle regular maintenance tasks reliably and to make sure that your system is running just as it should be. By hiring one of these pros for an air conditioning service in Tampa, FL you’ll likely extend the life cycle of your equipment, and might even enjoy more efficient performance and save some money on your utility bills each month.

Following the maintenance checklist above is a good way to make sure that your air conditioner or central air system keeps operating as it’s supposed to for many years to come. Try and keep up with regular maintenance for best results, or get a professional in to do the work for you to make sure that you don’t have to pay for more repairs than necessary.

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