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Tampa air conditioning installation

Tampa Air Conditioning Installation

It’s sometimes difficult to tell when you should be getting a new AC system installed, but there are some obvious tell-tale signs that will indicate you may have reached that point. If your system needs to be constantly repaired or you find your running costs a little excessive, it’s probably time to look into a new installation from Tampa AC installation company. And in the case of a complete system failure, as an Tampa AC replacement company we can help you find a replacement that suits your premises and budget, giving you the latest high-quality equipment that is super-efficient and will help you save money very quickly.

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The importance of proper HVAC installations

Fairway Heating & CoolingWe can’t emphasise enough that AC installation is complex and can often be a dangerous job – so we highly recommend you seek professionals in the field of HVAC Tampa.

Here are some key reasons why using the professionals at Fairway is the perfect choice:

  Avoid injury and damage

By using our team of experts, you are completely risk-free from personal injury. Our fully-insured technicians provide you with this security and the added bonus that they have many years experience and a way of working that avoids damage to your home or personal effects.

  Second to none workmanship ethic

Fairway’s technicians always ensure every element of a system is connected and functioning perfectly, and is the correct specification for the type of installation you need.
Complete units with their associated ductwork and technical infrastructure are, as you’d expect, complex systems which require very precise installation. That is exactly why our top priority is to do every job right, first time – and with the minimum of disruption. During installation, our skilled technicians will ensure the whole system will perform at its most efficient – it’s in our interests as well as yours, as without this it could potentially be more prone to a breakage and a shorter lifespan.

  Efficiency as standard

A new installation should always be of great quality and build and work to its optimum efficiency. Tuning your system to give you peak efficiency from the moment it’s installed and tested is standard procedure at Fairway. We know the importance of getting this exactly right, as it can benefit your pocket directly with a lower risk of breakdown and repairs, and greatly lower your all-important energy bills. We also make sure the quality of products we supply don’t compromise the efficiency of the system you choose to install.

  Our guarantees

At Fairway we know the importance of guarantees – because we insist on them from our suppliers too. We take great pride living by our guarantees as we know it’s what our customers expect, and indeed demand. The guarantees we offer are there to protect and give confidence to our customers, and they are at the forefront of our work ethos. It’s a method of working that has resulted in hundreds of repeat buyers over the years and the main reason our customers trust Fairway and its products and services.

Choosing the right system

Great emphasis should be placed on getting exactly the right type and size unit for your purposes. In the same way the right type and size of engine is required to power a motor vehicle, a similar principle is applied to HVAC. It’s about getting the right system, at the right price, for the job.

  Size matters
Too large a system and you are likely to experience hot and cold spots in rooms with potentially huge temperature swings. You can also get high humidity and increased bills. Too small a system and it will be difficult to get to the desired temperatures and there’s a severe risk of premature wear-out of parts or even the whole system, due to the risk of overload. Our qualified technicians will design and install exactly the right size system for your needs based on the heating and cooling loads for your home or business.

  Correct duct installation
A key part of any installation are the ducts and airways. Carrying hot or cold air to rooms for your comfort is clearly the job of AC, but poorly installed ducts will force the system to work harder than it needs to. Inefficient ducting can lose hot or cold air, resulting in a system that can’t perform at its best. It’s possible to lose anything between 20 to 40 per efficiency this way, so, as with every other AC component, we pay maximum attention to ducts, their insulation, seals, and all the fittings involved.

  Our attention to detail is well-known
Many customers have praised us over the years for our great attention to detail. This includes an area of installation often skimped on by other Tampa air conditioning companies: the fixtures and fittings that need to be on the external part of your premises. We make sure the parts of the system that are placed outside are not affected by water run-off, trees and vegetation, or any brickwork, guttering or other parts of the building. Proper clearance of this part of the installation is often not given the proper attention needed by some companies, leaving an unsightly and often impractical ‘finishing off’ of the system. To us at Fairway, this is just as important as every other part that makes a good AC unit.

Consider a new Tampa AC installation today

If your system is over 10 years old and is no longer operating efficiently, or your monthly utility bills keep increasing, or you find your system seems to need repairing that much more frequently these days – then it’s probably time to seriously consider a new unit. The good news is: for a reasonable outlay, a new system can instantly do away with all your heating and cooling problems in one go!

Here at Fairway, we will help you get back on track with one of the latest systems available – and we think you will be pleasantly surprised with what we have to offer and how much a brand-new, state of the art system could save you in running costs.

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