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AC Repair Tampa

Fairway has exceptional experience and expertise in all aspects of the repair of AC systems, whatever their size or complexity, and whichever environment they operate in. This includes Tampa heating repair, and of course emergency AC repair Tampa. Over our many successful years in the business, we have repaired and maintained thousands of systems, large and small, using the very best HVAC technicians around.

Tampa air conditioning repair – for residential and business

Fairway Heating and Cooling has a whole host of residential and business clients, many looking for local AC repair Tampa, some from further afield. Known widely for our professionalism and reliability, this has allowed us to build up a wide clientele over many years of repairing systems to a very high standard. Our technicians, above all, are highly proficient and dedicated – this means you are assured of a fantastic response and a repair that will put your system back on track whatever the problem.

Call the best AC repair company in Tampa

We don’t often shout about ourselves, but we firmly believe we are the best in the business, and this applies to sorting out problems and effecting repairs, as much as it does to installations and maintenance. We have a proven track record and we’re proud of our achievements and look forward to many more years in the field. The amount of repeat business we get, from both individuals and businesses, is testimony to our quality, results and price. We are confident we can sort out any problem and will gladly be put to the test.

  No Membership Standard Membership Premium Membership
Total System Maintenance $128 FREE (1x per year) FREE (2x per year)
Parts & Labor Full Price 20% Discount 20% Discount
Filter & UV Bulb, Replacement Full Price 20% Discount 20% Discount
Normal Wear & Tear Full Price 20% Discount 20% Discount
Extra Refrigerant Full Price Up to 2 lbs (annually) Up to 2 lbs (annually)
Diagnostic Fee $48 $28 FREE
Overtime / Weekend Fee No No No
Priority Scheduling As Available 48 Hour Max 24 Hour Max
24-Hour Fix-It or Hotel No No Yes
Annual Duct Inspection No No Yes

When might a repair be necessary?

If there is an obvious fault or malfunction, then obviously your system would benefit from an immediate repair. But there are many things that could be happening which, if not repaired fairly quickly, could result in major repairs or even the requirement for a complete overhaul, or even a new system.

It’s recommended that you keep up with your air conditioner’s recommended maintenance as a good preventative measure, but it’s also a good idea to watch for the following general symptoms of malfunction and then seek professional repairs to remedy them:

  Poor performance in cooling
A clear giveaway of this is if the temperature on your thermostat doesn’t accurately reflect the temperature inside your home. This could be because of a dirty filter, a low level of refrigerant, or any number of other problems.

  Function is intermittent
Due to the nature of operation, air conditioning units are designed to function intermittently. However, sporadic or evermore frequent cycles of operation could indicate a problem. If your air conditioning unit runs continuously it could also signal a malfunction that needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency.

  Strange noises from the system
Air conditioning units can make many different noises when there is something amiss. It’s quite common for bits of debris, or even loose wires or leaves, to get caught in the fan blades or ducts – this will create unusual noises and should be attended to without delay.

Common Air Conditioning Problems

Cut repair costs with regular HVAC Tampa servicing

It’s possible to substantially cut down on repair costs by having regular servicing or even a planned maintenance programme. Either of these options are likely to reduce repair bills as your system will continue to operate with optimum efficiency for longer – avoiding the inconvenience of an interruption through breakdown and the potentially high cost of the repair.

Emergency AC repair Tampa

As a company, we don’t like people to have to call for an emergency repair. This can mean a costly outcome for the client, and there are ways of alleviating potentially high costs with service contracts and regular maintenance programs. But, occasionally, an emergency is called for – and Fairway can be relied upon 100 per cent, every time, you need to make an emergency call to us, you will be treated with the highest priority. And we’ll have you and your system back up and running in no time, with the least amount of inconvenience to your daily life as possible.

Other types of common repairs

If you’re aware of some of the common problems AC system owners have, it may help in recognising a relatively straightforward problem – before it becomes a big, expensive one. Here are some typical problems we have encountered over the last few months :

  Refrigerant seal leaks
Often referred to as ‘Freon’ (a common refrigerant brand name), refrigerant seal leaks occur from time to time, and certainly affect the efficiency of any AC unit. Refrigerant leaks are most noticeable in Summer as the cool air never seems to get to a low enough temperature, indicating a problem. This time of year is an ideal time to check your seals so the system is completely leak-free leading into the Spring/Summer period.

  Fan belt replacement
A relatively easy and inexpensive repair, fan belt replacement is usually simple enough to do and is a part we always hold in stock. Belts can need replacing when worn, not just broken – a squeaking noise from your AC is usually the symptom when your fan belt needs replacing.

  Excess condensation
A build up of debris can cause the lines to attract condensation and this then works its way back into your home reducing system efficiency. This is a problem that will need sorting early to avoid excess water coming into your home, which, apart from being inconvenient and unsightly, can invariably lead to other problems.

Our Tampa AC repair service in a nutshell

Fairway offers the complete repair service, plain and simple. Jobs can be as small as changing a domestic air filter or belt, to major component replacement – it simply doesn’t matter what scale it is, a top-notch, professional treatment of your system is all part of the service from Fairway Heating and Cooling.

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